Free Internet UK just passed the 2,000,000 active users

This is a great milestone the one we’ve just achieved. Last night we had our 2 millionth user sign up. The past 2 years have been absolutely crazy. Our team has grown from 4 to close to 90 individuals, 0 to 5,000 wifi hotspots and now… 2 million users.

But this is just the beginning. We’re still quite far from reaching the 64 million people who live in the United Kingdom and that’s the only goal that we have. We’re definitely on our way there, and we expect to get there by 2020.

We’ve also been able to establish important partnerships with companies like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. These multi-national organizations believe in what we’re doing an have donated close to £50,000,000 as of today.

What’s next?

As we’ve stated multiple times, this is the beginning of the biggest tech development in our country, we won’t stop until we reach our goal. We also want to make sure that our network is 100% secure and that our equipment can reach more and more people without having to necessarily increase the number of hotspots substantially.

We’ll keep hiring more and more people to join our amazing team.