About Us

Free Internet UK was founded by Jamie W. Moseley in 2013. Jamie has been a successful entrepreneur for close to 20 years now. He founded his first technology company in 1990, which was sold for $25,000,000 or £16,000,000 to Yahoo!

Jamie went on to start a pharmaceutical company, which was sold to the biggest bio-tech company in China for a reported $3.5 billion.

From 2011-2013, Jamie Moseley decided to enjoy some of his success and according to him “I spent 2 years traveling the world and spending money on useless stuff”.

He wasn’t happy with how he was spending his money and decided to start Free Internet UK in 2013, with the goal of  bringing free internet access to every single citizen of the UK. He’s now on a mission to accomplish just that and over the past 2 years, Free Internet UK has grown to a team of close to 90 individuals, and has reached close to 2,000,000 residents of the United Kingdom.

Free Internet UK is a non-for-profit organization and believes that in 2020 will have reached over 60,000,000 people in the UK. That’s the entire population of our country.

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Why would a billionaire spend all his money on such a project?

jamie“I was spending money on things that meant nothing to me. I wasn’t helping anyone but myself. The truth is, my entrepreneurial journey hasn’t always been easy, and when I made £20,000/year and envisioned myself making the big bucks I would have never thought that I’d be spending all my wealth on such an ambitious project. I have everything I need and have enough money to live a very comfortable life that most can only dream of. I have no interest in making it to the top of the Forbes list, that’s just not what motivates me.  It used to be, but not anymore. Free Internet UK is just the beginning for me.”  – Jamie Moseley